Matriarchs, Heroines and Outcasts: A Summer Sermon Series

Spring Richmond Hill

Every summer I look to do something fun with my sermons. I usually follow the Revised Common Lectionary for most of the year. The lectionary provides me a schedule of preaching. It helps with Lent, Pentecost and Advent. The passages chosen help us get ready for the big holidays. But in the summer it’s fun to get away from it. The summer is a laid back time of year and the schedule opens up. Why not do something different?

I thought I would look at our soul sisters in the Bible. They are definitely a motley crew. Their world is a male dominated one. The odds are stacked against them, culturally speaking. But it doesn’t stop them from doing some amazing things. Their lower status in society doesn’t prevent God from seeing them and using them. Their stories are interesting and inspiring for men, women, youth and children alike.

We’ll hear from the usual suspects: Sarah, Mary and Ruth. We’ll also hear from Hagar, a slave girl that Sarah and Abraham push away from their household. God remembers Hagar and assists her. We’ll hear from Lydia, a woman coming into the faith who opens her house to the apostle Paul. We’ll hear from Bathsheba, one of King David’s wives, who tries to get her son Solomon on the throne. We’ll hear from Deborah, one of the judges who saves Israel from the enemy.

We’ll focus on the women of the Bible throughout the months of June and July. We’ll have eight stories to hear. But they aren’t the only women in the Bible. There are plenty of others that we won’t mention. Who’s your favorite heroine of the Bible? How have the women of the Bible inspired your faith? How have the women of this congregation inspired your faith?

Summer is here. May our faith grow during this season.