Sabbath Keeping

B9870A05-F0A2-4070-AE4F-49BF44CE62C6Lately I’ve taken to walking the Monticello Trail. I can’t resist it. There are beautiful trees, the sweet smell of flowers, and the sound of water running in the creeks. The beautiful weather is good for the soul. It reminds us that winter doesn’t last forever. Spring finally arrives. It’s also a good reminder about Sabbath keeping.

Remembering the Sabbath goes all the way back to the wilderness days. The people have been saved from slavery in Egypt. No more working all day, every day, without end. No more working for someone else. No more working without pay. And no more beatings and abuse from the Egyptians. And when they finally walk through the Red Sea and into the wilderness, God wants to set up some ground rules.

The Ten Commandments come pretty early in their wilderness days. And one of those commandments is Sabbath Keeping. Six days you shall labor and do all your work. But the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God: you shall not work. God took a day off after creating everything in six days. The Israelites are supposed to do the same when they leave Egypt.

God gives this command to protect the people. Working everyday is what they did as slaves. They aren’t slaves anymore. They are God’s people and they will work six days and enjoy the seventh day. The sabbath is for rest, for enjoyment, and for recreation. Life isn’t all about work. God wanted to teach his people this as they begun their new lives after being in Egypt.

God gives us this command too. We are all supposed to take a Sabbath. We are supposed to take one day a week off every week. It’s so we don’t become slaves to our work. It’s so we can enjoy our lives. It’s a day to remember that we are God’s people.

So, that feeling of Spring fever? Maybe it’s our innate sense of Sabbath keeping. We should go out, take a walk, enjoy the weather, and remember we are God’s people. We should embrace it.