A Party in a Dangerous Place


I love the Olympics. I like watching the Olympics more than watching other sports. I especially like the Winter Olympics because we get to see sports we don’t normally get to see. I love watching the bobsleds fly down the track. I love watching the ski jumpers fly through the air. I love watching speed skating to see who will win. I always wonder how the cross country skiers have the energy to keep going. The Olympics are so much fun.

At this point in our history it is such a relief to see people from around the world competing, celebrating and having a good time. We are in desperate need of good news. We need something to remind us that the world isn’t always so terrible. Instead of focusing on politics, poverty and instability, it’s fun to focus on who’s going to get the Gold Medal.

This year the Olympics are held in South Korea, which has political implications. Even at the Olympics we can’t completely get away from politics. But there’s something more to it than just politics. There’s a certain defiance about throwing the world’s biggest competition and party just 90 miles south of the Demilitarized Zone. It’s as if we are all thumbing our noses at the violence of the world and throwing a party instead.

I can’t help but relate that to our faith. The world has always had its downsides, to put it mildly. Humanity has a way of finding ourselves in holes that we have pull ourselves out of-wars, famine, poverty, prejudice, racism, and greed. But as Christians, we are supposed to serve our communities and make them better places. But we are also supposed to live abundant lives, even in the face of terrible things.

Jesus came to the world to save us, yes. Jesus also came to the world to bring us life-life abundant. So that means that we get to have fun even when things are tough. We get to laugh even when darkness surrounds us. We get to love our families and community, even when love is hard to find.

As Christians we have always been throwing a party in dangerous places. I think having the Olympics 90 miles from the Demilitarized Zone simply highlights this. Where will you find joy today? May we live our lives abundantly, even today when things seem uncertain.