Feeding the Hungry


On January 28th, Mooreland joined with Cove Presbyterian to pack 10,152 meals for Rise Against Hunger. Our meals are now on their way to the Dominican Republic. These meals feed hungry people who don’t always have enough to eat. And as the Church, we fed them. We do this because we are called to serve others. We do this because Jesus feeds us.

I can’t help but think about Jesus feeding the five thousand in Mark 6. Jesus has been teaching all day and the crowd is beginning to get hungry. They are too far away from their homes to get some food. They need to eat something. The disciples realize this and inform Jesus. Instead of sending the people away, Jesus tells the disciples to feed them.

They think it’s impossible. How on earth would they have enough money for that? It would take two hundred denarii. Jesus has a suggestion. Go see how many loaves you have. They go and check. We have five loaves and even two fish. It’s not much. But it turns out that it’s enough.

The crowd sits down and Jesus makes those five loaves and two fish go a long way. Jesus takes what’s available and multiplies it. And when we packed those meals a few weeks ago, Jesus did the same. Jesus took what each one of us could give and multiplied it. 10,152 times.

Sometimes it can feel as if the small church cannot do its part to serve the world. Well, that’s simply not true. When we gather together, combine our resources, and work together, we can do our part to serve the world. We did just that a few weeks ago, and Jesus multiplied our efforts.

May we remember this packing event when we feel like our little church isn’t doing enough. Especially when the problems of the world seem so big and daunting. Remember that we fed 10,152 people. Remember that we too have a role to play in bringing God’s love to this world.

Dietra Ann Pat