Thinking Warm Thoughts


It’s been a typical January around here. It’s been cold and we’ve been huddled up in our houses trying to stay warm. In an effort to beat the cold and have some fun, we had a fellowship night during Supper Church. Georgia fed us with a roast and noodles. She even made a cake in the shape of a Ukulele. This was all part of our theme for the night.

We all brought our vacation pictures and souvenirs. I brought my pictures from when I went to Disney World with my family in high school. We also brought my daughter’s sea shell collection from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Jim brought pictures from Disney when the Starrs and the Tylers went together years ago. Georgia brought pictures from Hawaii when she and family member went years ago. Dietra brought pictures from Pennsylvania’s Amish country. It was a fun night.

Fellowship and visiting with folks is part of being a church. We can’t discount this. Fellowship and visiting with folks is what makes a church go ’round. Without it, we’re just a bunch a people who get together to sing songs and pray, and that’s it. With fellowship, we become a family. And that’s what it’s all about-being family to each other.

In a country that seems more divided than ever our church families are needed more than ever. Churches can be places where people can come together instead of arguing with each other all the time. At Mooreland we love each other. We care about each other. We share our vacation pictures with each other. We disagree, but we don’t let it divide us. We value each other too much to let things divide us.

May our church always be a family. May our family show the community how to come together and love each other.

Vacation Fellowship 2