Happy New Year

Blessings 6

It’s cold outside and our Christmas decorations are slowly coming down. In my house we haven’t quite pulled down the Christmas tree. It might stay up until the weekend at least. Jesus has been born again this year in our hearts and it’s time to begin 2018. This is the time of year when we take the glow of Christmas and carry it into the world.

All the love, the joy and gifts of the Christmas season fill us our hearts. It can be infectious. It gives us optimism for the New Year. Jesus, our Emmanuel-God with Us-has come. Now we can face all that 2018 will bring-challenges, joys, vacations, and unexpected things. Jesus has been born-now let us walk into the New Year with him in our hearts.

How will you hold your faith close to you this year? How will you love your neighbors this year? How has your faith changed this Christmas?

And as a Church-how will we be the Church? It’s easy to have a church-a building, people, and committees and things. It’s not as easy to be the church. Whether we are the church in our workplaces, our North Garden neighborhood, or in our own families-we are called to be the church. We are called to join God in bringing light and hope into a world that needs it. We are called to carry Jesus into our part of the world.

Jesus has been born. Take him with you in 2018.