Hospitality at the Holidays


Supper Church Shoeboxes

One thing I really like about this time of year is all the parties and open house events. It’s the time of year when we feel compelled to get together with our neighbors and friends to eat food. It’s cold outside, the holidays are here and it’s time to visit with everyone. It’s time to remove the dust bunnies, cook up some food, and invite people over before everyone disappears for Christmas.

For some this might seem like a lot of work or a pain. After all, there can be too many parties to attend and too much work involved in a party. But to me the bottom line is that this is a time of year for hospitality. We welcome people into our homes to have a good time. There’s something special about that.

One of the things Jesus does in the Bible is eat. A man’s gotta eat right? He eats in all sorts of locations. He eats on the hillside after he feeds five thousand people. He eats at Pharisees’ houses. He eats at his friends-Martha, Mary and Lazarus’ house. He eats at the house of a tax collector named Zacchaeus. He also famously ate his last meal with his disciples in the upper room the night he was arrested.

Jesus is more than happy to be the invited guest. People opened their houses to him and his disciples over and over again. We too should do the same. We should open our houses to each other over and over again. Hospitality is part of the faith. It’s part of being a community of faith.

As we move through the end of the holidays, lets try to enjoy the parties and the fun. And maybe for 2018 we can think of ways to extend the invitation. When can we have people over for dinner again? When can we invite folks over for a party? And how can we deepen our relationships with each other over a tasty meal?

2018 can be a lot of things, but I’ll go with good food, fellowship and friends.