Answering God’s Call: Sheila Ballou

Ladies Crochet Group 2
Sheila-crocheting away in the black shirt. She’s been leading our Ladies Craft Group.

Sheila is one of our newest members of our church. She started visiting with us about two years ago. She was looking for a place to call her church home and she felt comfortable among us. Since then she has made fast friends with us and become part of our church family. She has begun our Ladies Craft Group that meets once a month after worship. She has helped with crafts at Vacation Bible School. We baptized her last year. Sheila has become one of us.

As I have been getting to know Sheila, she has shared with me her sense of calling. She feels called to the ministry. She feels led to begin her seminary journey. So, this August she will begin studies at the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. We rejoice with her and we are praying for her.

Sheila did her career as a software engineer for the navy. And she was good at her job. When she retired from Sperry Marine in Charlottesville, she began to help her daughter and son-in-law raise their two boys. She teaches them math and about her faith. Since retirement she has sensed a need to answer the call to ministry.

Sheila’s faith journey began years ago. She had attended different churches since about 1993, but it was in 2010 that she felt God’s call on her life. She was attending Covenant Church in Richmond and felt that God wanted her to do something for him. She has since joined us at Mooreland and has been growing in her faith in Henry C’s Sunday School Class and her personal devotions.

Sheila feels called to ordination and missions. We are excited to support her in this seminary journey and discovery of what God has in store.