Honoring and Celebrating God’s Creation


Summer is upon us. We’ve just had Memorial Day weekend with its festivities and remembrances. And for the months of June and July, things on the church calendar clear up a bit. Easter is over and the school year is almost done. Summer brings a slower pace and more traveling.

At Mooreland we will put this slower pace of life to good use. We’re going to have fun with things. We’re going to honor and celebrate God’s creation. North Garden is a beautiful place at the foothills of the mountains. The night stars shine brilliantly on a clear night. Farmers make their living in our community. Gardeners are already reaping a harvest from their backyards. Creation is part of every community. God’s creation plays a big part in our community.

For the months of June and July I will preach a sermon series entitled: Honoring and Celebrating God’s Creation. We will focus on different things. We will remember that creation is good. We will talk about how God speaks to us through creation. We will talk about bearing fruit. We will end our study in the book of Revelation where all of creation is restored. We will also sing songs about God’s creation. We will pray special prayers over all the farms and gardens. The children will learn about God’s creation in the children’s sermons.

We will also celebrate and honor God’s creation through a mission project this summer. As a community of farmers, we will help out farmers in other countries. We will buy livestock for needy farmers. We will do this with the help of Heifer International. Heifer International focuses on systemic change in impoverished areas. Instead of giving someone a cup of milk, we will give them livestock. We can buy a sheep for 120 dollars. We can also buy a pig for 120 dollars. Rabbits are 60 dollars and honeybees are 30 dollars. A cow is 500 dollars. How many animals can we buy? Let’s find out!

There’s also a plan in the works to do an outdoor worship service on a Sunday afternoon. We don’t always get to worship together in God’s creation. We will also bless and pray over all the farms in our community. We will pray over their fields. We will pray over their livestock. We will pray for their pets, because they have jobs to do too. We are planning to do this in the fall.

I am excited for all that this summer will bring. How will you celebrate and honor God’s creation?