Discipleship in Community

Last week was Supper Church and we had a ball. We had an egg roll. We had an egg fight. (With hard boiled eggs.) We painted wooden eggs to take home with us. We were celebrating the resurrection during the official 50 days of Easter. We also ate tacos and do what we do best-visit.

One of the things I love about Mooreland is the relationships among the people. After church it takes a while to leave because everyone has to catch up with each other. Whenever we have a business meeting, we stay around afterwards to chat. The same is true for Supper Church. After we’ve eaten, we all like to sit around and catch up. It’s like a family reunion.

Jesus was this way with his disciples. He liked to visit. In fact the reason why he would go to Mary, Martha and Lazarus’ house was to hang out and visit. Jesus loved the twelve disciples like his own family. For three years they were his family as he traveled all over the countryside. It was in the context of this close relationship that he taught them all kinds of things.

When the disciples heard Jesus tell a parable-it was like a good friend telling them the story. When Jesus performed a miracle or healing, it was like their own brother was performing the act. When Jesus was arrested, killed and dead-it was like losing a family member. When they saw the risen Jesus, it was another family reunion. These men were close. They were family.

That’s how it is here at Mooreland. We are family. Some of us are related to each other, and some of us aren’t. But it doesn’t matter. We all claim each other. We also do a good job of inviting others to join in. We aren’t that exclusive. We’re welcoming.

As a church family, how can we challenge each other in the faith? After all, we are close. We talk about families, our relationships, our jobs and our failures. How can we encourage each other in the faith? How can we challenge each other to pray, to grow our relationship with Christ? How can we challenge each other to serve the community? How can we use our relationships as a community to help push each other in the faith?

We are close. Let’s use that to deepen our love for the Lord and love for our community.

Egg Fight