The 50 Days of Easter

Happy Easter! It seems a bit late to say that, because all the stores have put Easter candy on clearance and we are done with the Easter Egg Hunts. But the official church calendar celebrates Easter for 50 days. After all, Easter is a big deal. Let’s celebrate for 50 days.

As a review, let’s go over where we’ve been. Lent is the forty days of preparation for Easter. Easter is 50 days of celebration until Pentecost. Pentecost is the day when we celebrate the birth of the church. It’s the day that the Holy Spirit came to all the believers in Jerusalem with tongues of fire. The church calendar was put into place so that Christians could make the faith part of their everyday lives. There’s a season for things. Each year we go into a cycle. We begin at Advent and end during the season after Pentecost.

All of this is pretty foreign to us Baptists, but I think the calendar still has its place. And for right now we are still celebrating Easter for fifty days. We’ve been doing this in our worship services as we’ve looked at Jesus appearing to the disciples, to Thomas, and to the two men on the road to Emmaus.

We’ll also celebrate Easter during May’s Supper Church. Our theme will be the resurrection and we’ll do all kinds of things with eggs. Eggs are a symbol of life and Christians have associated Eggs with the resurrection for years. We’ll have an egg roll. We’ll have an art project with egg shells. We might even have an egg fight. (With hard-boiled eggs, I promise.)

How will you reflect on the resurrection during this season? Where is God creating new life in you?