On a Mission

Ladies Crochet Group 2

This past weekend Sheila Ballou did a brave thing. She taught her pastor how to crochet. Actually, she taught all the ladies in the group how to crochet. The fact that the pastor learned to crochet is just icing on the cake. She is a very calm and reassuring teacher. This pastor is an impatient student.

A few months ago Sheila approached me about making prayer shawls here in the church. She is a avid crocheter/knitter and wanted to put her talents to use. So we met and talked. We talked about what kind of things would be useful. We set a date to meet and we were off to the races.

Sheila came up with the pattern and figured out the kind of yarn to use. She gathered her materials and prepared things for us. And this past Sunday we ate our lunches, fumbled through our crochet stitches and had a great time. The goal is to make prayer blankets for folks in the church. The plan is to meet on the third Sunday of each month to work on our projects. We began with excitement.

Sheila wanted to use her talents for God. She asked others to join in. Isn’t this what the church is about? Isn’t this what the faith is all about? We all have our talents and skills. We all have ideas of how we can serve God and our neighbors. Why not give them a try? Why not be bold and serve in a new way?

What is God calling you to do? What new things could we do here at Mooreland?